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health care | sectors | capresults
Feb 20,2018

health care | sectors | capresults


Few industries affect as many people as healthcare, and we help players in all aspects of this field shape policies to keep people – and their organization – healthy.

Our firm’s experience and knowledgebase in healthcare encompasses nearly every sector of the industry – from pharmaceutical manufacturing and benefits management to health insurance and major hospital systems.
On behalf of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, benefits managers and health insurers in the country, our government affairs team has been intimately involved in the development of some of the most monumental federal and state healthcare policies enacted over the last decade.
We not only maintain a vigilant focus on protecting the interests of our clients in shaping healthcare policy, we also invest an enormous amount of time and energy in understanding this ever-changing landscape so we can assist our clients in adjusting to new realities and continuing to meet their core business objectives.
Our team has also successfully guided several major hospital systems through the Certificate of Public Need (COPN) process required to build new facilities and expand their service offerings, in addition to providing ongoing communications guidance to help hospital systems establish constructive relationships in the communities in which they operate.